Party Music Go! - The Best Party Playlists and Party Songs

Welcome to PartyMusicGo, the easiest place to find music and playlists for your next party. Our mixes are created to assist you in throwing a memorable bash. Each mix has 25 to 30 songs, so you can download one, two or three mixes and just let the music play. All of the mixes are linked directly to the iTunes store, so you can preview songs one by one and add them to your own playlist. When you're done, just purchase the songs in your playlist.

We created this site as a way to help people find music that will appeal to all their guests. While there are many "playlist" websites online, each mix you will find was created by a random individual... often the tastes of the person who posted the mix lean heavily towards one type of song. At PartyMusicGo, we have researched each mix from a variety of sources - song popularity according to charts, popularity according to DJ playlists, and appearance on compilations and best of lists. Occasionally, our music editors have thrown in a few lesser known tunes to help give the mix a little personality. For all our mixes, we've sifted through a variety of sources to put together the songs that get people dancing and enjoying themselves at a party.

We hope you have a great party, and that using our site has made your preparation a little more fun and a lot easier!